Just thought to post some recent unsolicited feedback snippets of our work outcomes:

“Always interesting to listen to senior managers with lots of experience, particularly HR experience. The importance of giving yourself space and thinking time and to prioritise yourself at times. The importance of the commitment and capability combination and how that influences how you may lead. Challenge habit, encourage thinking. If people’s mind and heart is in work, productivity/performance will follow.”

 “Mark gave me two take aways in particular. His ability to listen to those at the coal face and acknowledge their contributions to the business to drive great outcomes. Also his ability to connect with individuals both in the room and from his stories of people management. Excellent speaker and seemingly a very approachable person in business.”

 “Providing a first hand view of leadership and actual real stories that were relatable to me.”

 “Sharp mind and eloquent. Could listen to him all day. Clearly knows a lot about management and leadership – theory and practice.”

 “It was good to hear Mark’s openness about the stress that leadership can sometimes impose & how he deals with it. Thanks for sharing this with us.” 

“The Feedback strategies were very interesting. The use of Open, Closed and Direct questions to elicit response and engagement. The Habitual vs. the Intentional behaviours.”

 “Mark is a professional in the delivery of these programs and it showed.  Clarity & brevity of message backed with real life examples made the session, for me, the best of the two days.  I think the combination of teaching style backed up with real business experiences was really good.  It was a real contrast from the CEO/business owner experiences which are different to those who actual lead in a business (rather than from the top).”

 “Mark gave some good tools to deal with things that may come up.”

Vicky brings a high degree of professionalism and strategic insight to her mentoring and leadership roles. Vicky understands people – as her relationship skills, enabled by her ability to connect to people from diverse backgrounds, are exceptional. Vicky always brings a calm and considered approach to her role as a leadership facilitator. Engaging in forums led by Vicky is a pleasure, as she is organised and proactive, as well as agile in her responses to the changing needs of a dynamic group environment.”


“From my perspective, Mark’s preparatory work – in engaging the participants early – and keeping abreast of current issues within the business – really makes the four day course relevant, with the value add we are after…. thank you for the quality programme…”

A crown agency client